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    Hi guys, the developers are taking this issue very seriously and I have sent several thread links to them. I will update you when I know more.
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    Brok2: Sure it’s a problem but we can live with it, but can we live without being able to player multiplayer at all?!

    Some strange things happened to me by the way… Like I said, my limit was 15, and now it seems to be 20. Or 19 — I added a player today and then my lobby started crashing. Actually yesterday it already crashed several times but then it worked again. I thought it was just one of those bugs when the game crashes.

    But after I added that player number 20, I couldn’t access my lobby at all anymore. So I asked a player to remove me (so I can remove the other player again and access my lobby…). But then I had an idea: I put him on my ignore list on this forum, and now the lobby works, with 20 friends. I don’t know if the game is connected to the forum anyhow. I just know that when you buy the game it would great an account with your username on here. However, after I put him on my ignore list on here, he was still in my friends list on DSF. So no need to remove someone at all.

    It may just be a coincidence however… but why would the lobby suddenly start working again? It may crash agains so I’ll keep you updated! Hope this helped a bit further.
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    Update again!

    I must have had around 25 friends actually. I found a trick to delete them: I went to the leader boards (inside the lobby) and deleted the friends from there. I was able to access my friends list again then and realized like 4 or 5 people had added me. That made my game crash. That means even just adding someone (without even accepting) might make your or their game crash.

    Another player also told me that a trick would be to delete them from the challenges. This might be the ultimate solution if it works, because my method (with the leader boards) still requires you to access the lobby, and for some people it’s not just the friends list that crashes, but the whole lobby. The solution would be to go to a challenge, then see the leader boards, and then choose the friends leader boards. Click on a name and delete it. For me it doesn’t work because I can only see the profile of the person, but there’s no delete button or such. Just a „go back“ button.

    hope this helped again!
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but i also only have the "back" button and no delete button
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    Does your lobby crash or only the friends list? If it’s just the friends list then go to the lobby -> leader boards -> select any game mode (except „all“ — this one often crashes for me) and then select a player from your list!
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    My game crash in the Lobby sadly
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