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    Senior Level of Ubi Support?

    The Problem:

    I've been in contact with Ubisoft Support for over a week now, but still they cannot seem to grasp my issue, and have been unable to help me.
    Is there someone from higher up who can assist me, or at least escalate my case because i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall here.

    The Actual Problem:

    I reinstalled all my Assassin's Creed games recently because I want to replay them one last time before i finally call it a day with these instalments.
    The original AC, AC2 and ACR all installed fine, and I was able to log back into my uPlay account and use my original serial number.

    However, ACB uses third party "SolidShield" DRM which is stopping me from playing. It keeps saying my serial number is invalid, so i cannot activate the game or get to the uPlay login screen to enter my serial number there. It's not an activation limitation either, the DRM is flat out seeing the serial number as invalid.

    This is a valid serial number which I used previously to activate and play ACB. After spending a week trying to explain this to Ubi support, and having to jump through hoops with them going through all the standard steps, they insist it is an issue with my PC, game installation or Ubisoft Launcher.

    They won't accept the fact that this issue is because of the third party DRM which is now seeing a previously valid serial number as invalid - for whatever reason. Can somebody throw me a bone here? I just wan't to replay the game i purchased.

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    Guess i'll just use a cracked version, at least i'll be able to play my game.

    Maybe i'll use cracked versions more often, since Ubi doesn't seem to give a rat's ***
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    Hi, please PM me your ticket number and I'll see if I can escalate this for you.
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    Hey guys can anyone help me ? My copy of assassins creed revelations keeps freezing but only on the multiplayer loading screen the game is fine apart from when I select that option and when I do this I have to switch of the console my other games are fine so Is it my disc ?
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    thanks for the offer mush but it seems to be taken care of for the time being

    the support rep said she escalated the ticket to the appropriate service

    @ANDYOnSpeed - try deleting any patches and updates and redownloading them
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