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    trying to log in to Support site gives me error

    I try to access that Ask a Question part in support page and it required logging in. Well i do that with Facebook access (same way i log in for this forum) it will give error page so i cant send any question.
    Could u send it forward for me that currently i got cases 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 with 5 stars, but the achievement that requires 5 cases with 5 starts only shows 4/5, But if i count all my stars on all 15 cases it matches with the other achievement to get 60 stars. I know i will get this 1st achievement done when i get my next 5 stars done, but it should be done already i can include Screenshot if someone tells me how to =)
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    Not sure what I can do other than pass this along to a higher-up when I can. You remain the only person I have heard from who cannot contact support. It has to be something on your end and I hope it gets resolved.

    House MD Team
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    yeah but since my forum account is accessed by FB account it allows to log me here wo problem, but not on support site i can show sceenshot =) just dont know how
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