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    GRO: Major lag issues.

    Ive been playing Ghost Recon Online since Phase 3 came out in beta, and all i am getting is lag...Not lag spikes but choppiness
    Heres my PC specs:
    Processer:Genuine Intel(R) CPU 2160 @ 1.80GHZ (2 CPUs)`1.8GHZ
    Memory:2046MB RAM
    Page File: 1874 MB used 2431 Available
    DirectX Version:10
    Any help would be great! Thanks
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    Are you sure you meet the game's minimum requirements? Basically the short version is 2.8 GHz, 3GB of RAM, and 256 Dedicated Memory. This is a link with the full system requirements for GRO: http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...m-requirements
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    The only thing lower on that list is my processer....so im guessing i need to spend another 3k on a CPU?
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    I've been playing since Beta 1 and had to do some major tweaking to get it smooth at 35 to 50 FPS. But when Beta 2 came out after the server went down I was getting 30 tops. When the Beta 2 went off line I changed my GPU's to 670 DCII X2 and now with beta 3 I am lucky if I get 25 FPS on the top end. Average 19 and it is not palyable.

    All drivers updated I run a seperate profile for gaming meaning everthing is off and stripped and the gmae I play has priority.

    The one thing I heard about was the AMD optimizer driver being a problem with this game but not sure how to address that since my FX-60 needs the driver to function for other game titles.

    My specs are

    AMD FX-60 Dual core OCed to 2.8
    2 gigs 4500 DDR RAM Oced
    X2 ASUS Nvidia 670 DC2 Top OCed 1160
    New Corsair 750 watt HZ PSU
    Sound Blaster Xfi Audio
    Cable internet 700 speeds

    I have reduced my screen to 1240X900 which is something I never dreamed of doing. My Samsung flat screen runs factory 1680X1040. 60mhz.

    I can run other titles everything high and max at 60 FPS with drops to 40. I am not sure what to do from here. dumped $800 plus bucks in video cards and still no joy. I am open to suggestions but beginning to believe it is not on my end.

    Edit Doh know I see 3 gigs RAM. Well that takes out the XP portion of the requirement though. That does not make any since. You can not run XP with 3 gigs RAM because it switches to L2 and is unstable.
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    had same issue but found problem was same as bf3 you have to permission most of the exe's and dll's and then i also ran the directx install inside the ubisoft folder and now playing on high from low at 33-61 fps.

    but the guys top rig dont meet the specified requirements and i bet he using the wrong directx version
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    Holly you needed to OC to hit 2.8ghz? Very old what's it pushing 4-6 years old for your comp now? Not to mention its AMD and that just adds to your problems. and to the OP I would be surprised if you could run this game on low. I didn't even know they made computers with a 1.8ghz dual in em you must be first gen dual core. and here is my specs and I run the game just fine tech is about 1.5yo.

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.2GHz (OC 6.2ghz)
    Memory: 12288MB RAM 1600hz (OC 2600hz)
    Available OS Memory: 12280MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
    MOBO: Asus Sabertooth x58

    I cool the system using parts from my job (HVAC) I have a walk in cooler compressor set up to my heat sinks that cools them all using R22 (Freon) pumping the heat directly outside.
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    I believe that some of this is due to PunkBuster. Everyone is experiencing consistent lag in the game and while in CB1 I never saw lag, CB2 introduced a bit more, CB3 which now has the most players in it so far all downloading the game, the Launcher still causing disconnects, and PunkBuster I figure it will take some time to sort through the initial overloads. New patch tomorrow 6/22 so we shall see if it has any effect. I myself have seen Frame rates drop to the teens at different points then shoot right back up to 30 or above.

    My PC and Laptop stats are far exceeding the recommended requirements.
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    would love to get the punkbuster team in a locked room and beat them to death as their responsible for thousands of anger threads
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    The game has yet to optimized i would expect by release things will get much better on the lower-mid range of pc's

    Im getting nearly 100 frames.

    Core i7 2600k, 4.2ghz
    AMD Radeon 6950 1GB
    8GB 1600 RAM

    I also by accident installed the game on my ssd............

    I feel like my game is chewing on my cpu and not my gpu hmm..
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    Trick you are limited to the refresh rate of your monitor not only the game fps that you need to consider but yeah anything over 60fps the naked eye is not supposed to notice so maybe try to limit fps to 80 see what happens, all i know is since these new high end games came out there been hardware problems of epic proportions people with high end gaming rigs are struggling along with the low to middle range, makes me think that these games are not properly installed in the first place as the drivers that get installed are useless.

    A big problem was with nvidia and bf3 having really low fps and stuttering and mouse lag it took the comunity ages to find fixes that should have been done by eagames and dice , seems that all the new games are making the community find and fix the bugs/issues for them and it them who get the money not us so how is this fair.
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