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    Back at Sea!

    Hi All

    After an extended shore leave I'm back on the water. In any event, I finally have a beautiful new rig (HP Phoenix h9 -1135 Pavilion) with Windows 7 Professional and have loaded SH4 with patch 1.4 and U-Boat add-on. The game is running just fine however; I can't seem to find my screenshots. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Hello Navelintel,
    The screen shots are in the main folder of Silent Hunter.
    I see you have Windows 7 now. The best thing to do is to install Silent Hunter into any folder but Program Files (86). If you have the time it would be better for you to uninstall SH4, run a registry clearer and then install the game into a different folder other then the default location.
    I made a folder called Games and have installed all my games in this folder.
    If you re-install SH4 into a new folder you will be able to find your screen shots in the main folder - Silent Hunter U-boat mission (or whatever it is).

    I have SH4, Tiger Woods Golf installed in the Game folder I created. My golf game worked fine with XP but when I upgraded to Windows 7 and install the golf in Program Files (86) it did not work right. It would pause. I then uninstalled the golf game, put it in the game folder and now the game works like it did when I had XP.
    Not sure why Program Files (86) causes a problem with game programs but I think you will find your games run so much better when installed in a new location.

    Let me know how it goes.

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