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    DigiRev is recruiting quality people!

    I'm not here to swoon you with fancy images.

    Here's what you get from DigiRev:

    Sponsorship, Competitive Play, Strong member base of over 100 active TS users, people to play with in other games.

    DigiRev supports and loves each and every one of our members.

    We love competing in ladders and tournaments. We've won some prizes in BF3. We want to win some more in this game and CS:GO.
    512 slot teamspeak @ ts.digirev.net
    I am currently developing a GRO page @ www.digirev.net/gro
    Recruits go to www.digirev.net/recruitment

    To save you some time, we only accept mature people with a good sense of humor over the age of 17. Be good at GRO, or we'll make you good.

    Thank you,
    DigiRev Director
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    sakusenjou's Avatar Member
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    Apr 2012
    Tempe, AZ
    Never heard of you guys before, how long have you been a clan?

    Really interested in this.
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    I was in a fireteam with you and Mac the other day (DudeSoup, if you remember me). I had a really great time playing with you guys.

    In short, I'm interested.
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