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Not necessarily
But I def enjoy having something to work towards, whether it be an achievement or an unlock or a higher level, or a new weapon skin, or headgear. Something.
But i do play for fun. Believe me. Ive been online gaming WAY before there was even talk of k/d or clan names or stats or all that ********.
I am just saying that having a goal out there adds a little but more motivation. After a while of getting absolutley nothing, it kind of starts to feel like a waste of time.
agree or disagree, i could give a crap. But I am willing to bet if GRFS was released with no leveling system, everything unlocked from the beginning, no stat tracker, nothing, you'd be less interested.
I understand you completely.
Back in the day I used to play COD4 (best Call Of Duty out there) so much on the PC. I had unlocked every single weapon, attachment and camo. But the thing that kept me playing was the huge amount of challenges that game had, and the fact that it was such a good game.