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    EXP System

    Ok my exp keeps going up and down couple games be 50 for a kill or 75 (200 cover and 250) 500 for heal and 750 for heal etc, i was haveing a disccusion about the exp system to a few friends and this is basically what we were saying. Why is the kill assist exp the same as a normal kill? Either the exp for a kill needs to be higher or the kill assit should be lower E.G: 100 exp for a kill 50 for a assit or leave it at 50 for a kill 25 for a assit. Also no headshot bonus and no meele bounus but the gurillea mode has bonus i know there very diffrent game modes but it does make sence to have a bonus without trying to compare other games but every shotters i know has a bonus.This was not a complaint but just a suggestion post your thoughts in the comments below.
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    I want a penny for every time someone asks about the varying XP. I'd be rich in a day.

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Brock Go to original post
    The "Hourglass' is the Zero-Hour bonus. It is a daily XP bonus for players the first hour they play; should reset every night at Midnight Red Storm Time (Eastern US).
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    Originally Posted by Nexolate Go to original post
    I want a penny for every time someone asks about this. I'd be rich in a day.

    Sorry Nexo first time i have came across it but what do you think about the headshot bonus?
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