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    I am not going to put up any flashy lettering or pictures

    Keep this simple, I am looking for Mature players that would like to join us on Teamspeak and see how we get along. I am not expecting a lot of people to join, that's not what I want. No need to impress, just be yourself and trust me you will like all Oz Members.

    OriginZero had been Beta testing WarFace the last few weeks, and some are ready to try our hand at Ghost Recon. We have been around, only one member has left since we started this clan awhile back, so that should tell you we have good people's and a good clan.

    Our clan is 17+ due to our language on Ts, and the the maturity of the group in general.

    Laid back, fun and always looking to improve our gaming and Team Work.


    PassWord- ozclan

    Website- www.originzero.net

    There is not a forum section for this game until a few people recruited and player's start numbering up

    Thank You,

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    I had the opportunity to learn about this clan. And all because an old friend. A few words about the clan: Very good atmosphere, these people have a sense of chumoru. Good players when it comes to playing with them Multigaming is normal and always find a companion to the game. We are testing and it is beginning to Warface testing Ghost Recon Online. I invite you all to this clan, you really should know them.



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