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    Hacked and glitched already???? FFS!!

    Just played a game where some idiot was going on about how he had an aimbot which came out today, he was playing as sniper and was getting kills
    left right and center, we could.nt move. He was even shooting people behind cover... FFS another bastard ruining the game for others.

    Is there no anitcheat in this game?? another game destined to die a death, it is over swamped with ****ing snipers as it is. Getting fed up of game already.

    grrrr, either limit the amount each side of debuff them, 1 shot kills all the time. or rename the game to HI DE HI CAMPERS.

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    Why not.... you know... report the cheater so that the GMs can ban him?
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    yeah report him lol and nothing happens because no proof great idea you think we can record while playing it laggy as it is lol

    oh and i came accross a sniper too called beth shooting me through walls with one hit killing and suspected another guy called anthony so if this is what the actual game is going to be like when properly launched it doomed to failiure
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    Those hackers need to get hardware/ip bann.
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    i have also come across guys who have shot me whilst i was behind cover.
    I think its kinda sad how a "new" game must be corrupted by such childish behaviour -.-'
    I mean, its meant to be played for entertainment. and not for ppl who are willoing to use hacks
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    To bad there always will be #$%#&%$ that will ruin the game. Even with a anti-cheat program there is a chance on getting hackers in the game. I have yet to see a cheater, but then again i have only been playing a few days. There are a few places where i have seen that people were shot trough cover, experienced it myself as well. Guess there are things that either needs to be implemented (anti-cheat program) and fixed. But then again, this is a beta.
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    too bad

    Came across not 1 but 4 hackers last night, aimbot, speed hacks and the ever so ghost that never runs out of cloak. The sad thing is when you ask them how they are pulling the BS moves off they admit to hacking. Brought it to a GMs attention but of course nothing happened. Another game destined to fall by the waist due to immature kids who cant play using a program to make them seem good. Yes I would love to record in game however due to the lag and poor server connections is impossible.
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