I purchased IL2 1946 back in 2007 via direct download from the Ubisoft website. Burnt it to disk, used it repeatedly on my old computer, which had XP.

Have now tried to install on my new comp, which has Windows 7. The install itself goes well. I did read in the forums that I shouldn't install to C:/program files, so I created my own directory as advised, and had no issues there.

Where I am having the issues is once it is installed, the first time I try to load up the game, an activemark window pops up telling me I need to input my product code, and the process requires an internet connection. I do have the code, no issue there, but the activemark window will not recognize my internet connection.

Following some advice I have found on the net, I have lowered all of my security settings on Internet Explorer, turned off cookies, etc, but with no luck. Have spoken with the activemark support, and although they are nice, they are basically saying sorry no ideas.

Anyone? Super peeved that this game is such a pain in the ***. Always a million patches, always oddball bugs, always lousy support from Ubisoft. I would love a solution. I'm a Dad, and in the small snippets of time I have to game when my daughter is in bed, I've instead spent downloading the securrom tool, reading forums, etc. Frustrated.

Please help.