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    Lol, Azrael- however did you guess those names? ;P
    A lag test is where everyone gathers on the same spot of a map and tests abilities- mainly mute and smoke. One at a time, each player will pretty much call out- 3,2,1- smoke (or mute) and drop their ability. The idea is to see if it A) drops within a reasonable time frame, B) doesn't affect anyone for an unusually long time. It's also a good idea to run around a bit and look for general discrepancies in the way people are moving. Really bad lag is pretty obvious.
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    When's this happening?
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    Originally Posted by TheHowler666 Go to original post
    When's this happening?
    I need to check with all the other interested parties, but I was talking with Rabid and I know the first weekend of July works and I'm gonna try and schedule the tournament around 5 my time so Europe doesn't have to stay up too late

    So far teams are:
    WHU 1 (yakta, Fazz, Lock em up)
    WHU 2 (WayneCain2, Ellis Fellow, Killu4sure)
    WLP 1 (Julien, Apocalypse, Veyron)
    WLP 2 (Mephisto, Blitzkrieg, and I)
    SP (Rabid, TXI, Howlerrr?)
    MLU (DarkAssassina00, templarkiller88, TheBigCat47)
    VAA(?) (I asked Apexx he said he'd be intereseted)

    So far I'm thinking one more if VAA joins and two more if they don't so we have eight teams.
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    yo bro can u put the new teams up pizzzzz
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