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    Q. What is the point in allowing the player to choose a custom settings options when once you start the campaign mode it changes them anyway. example, No event camera if you remove the tick to allow you too use the function and then start a new campaign the game automatically makes it ticked again (thus no event camera) also if you select each preset before hand you will notice that regardless of what you choose the game also checks the no event camera on them all.

    This also applies to every option, you can create your custom game settings but whatever preset you choose to use upon starting the campaign the game bypasses your choices and reverts back to the setup determined by low, medium, hard, realistic.

    so no matter what i do in the options and settings menu when i play im not getting the settings requested at all. which as far as im concerned means the game is faulty because it doesn't work so how about a refund, If the store wont provide it when i try to return the game later today i want one from ubisoft.
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    Hello S-Evans,

    I don't play SH5 but you would think there is a setting that remembers how you want your options setup like they do in SH4.
    Someone may read your post and give you the answer that knows how to play SH5.

    You could also contact Ubi Support and see if they can help you.

    Another suggestion is to go over to Subsims web site and see if they have an answer. Subsim has a more active site then here.
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