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    (PS3) Newly created aPc Now Recruiting


    aPc Gaming is a newly form clan that is dedicated to competitive gaming but still provide a chill relax environment for all members to enjoy. We currently have about 8 core members and would like to cap at about 25. The reason for this is that we want to keep the clan as close knit as possible, creating a good core group of gaming friends. Below you will see a list of requirements that we ask for in order to join aPc.

    1: The most important thing we want in a new clan member is a chill laid back attitude. Drama free is the way to be baby lol.
    2: aPc is an adult clan so we ask that you be 18+ years of age to join.
    3: Have a positive kd. Remember we are a competitive clan after all.
    4: Have a WORKING mic. <<<This is common sense but you would be surprise how many ppl want to join clans without mics.

    If you meet our few requirements and still interested please visit our site @ http://apcgaming.com. Register and check out our forum and let us know.
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    Still looking.
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