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    How to edit original maps?

    Is posible to export (clon) original map (for exemple Frisco), and add new buildings, etc.... after save like custom map?

    All is work only if i save it like Frisco (i think because original files is geting from frisco.rpack), if save with other name game is crushing...

    Any ideas? Sry for my english.

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    It is possible but illegal to take the official techland's map then upload it on cojmodding or any uploading platform.

    If you manage to open an official map into chromed, you can do what you want with it like testing or anything else.
    But if you share it, this is going to be illegal.(as far as i know)

    You can make exactly the same all map but you'll have to do it from scratch by using chromed.
    I presume that cojmodding admins will see that it's not their official map but one similar map made by your efforts.
    I guess the only reason to make this map from scratch is to add new features that are not present in the ofiicial frisco map?

    Then if you made this map, you can't use the same name as frisco or any other existing official or custom user made map.(you can name it Frisco_ or Frisco_S...)

    So if you really want to clone an official map to upload it , ask the question directly to techland...
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