Hey players on HAWX2 come back to the HAWX1 I have the version 2 but it sucks every person who purchase the hawx2 has different problems in my case it freeze a lot so i can not enjoy it but HAWX1 its better in my opinion and i see more players than in # 2 so come back a let me see how good you are BUT no CHEATING or USING ALL ASPECT MISSILES or get mad if you loose like some players i know any way i challenge you to come back to the HAWX1 if you dont have it enymore google it you can download it online i dont have the address because i was looking for new skins for my planes and i found several web pages where you can download the game for free just check it with your antivirus before learn my nick name and you will find me there sometimes i enter the multiplayer in the hawx2 and until now i have won every game even that my game freeze a lot and i dont have joystick so lets have some fun and come back to HAWX1 thanks see you soon