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    Medpacks- Where Are They???

    I have sent some medpacks and gotten some in return, but my pill count doesn't seem to increase whatsoever when I accept the ones sent to me. Where exactly do they go?
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    i have wondered the same, but ill keep on eye on my pill and item count b4 accepting it and see if it change after refresh of the site =)
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    I have stopped sending and accepting medpacks, since they are useless and wasted when I could be gifting/receiving more useful items.
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    They are supposed to be automatically added to your Med count, rather than your inventory, correct.

    You may want to contact Customer Support at http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...st/p/2070,2454 for assistance with this inquiry.

    Please make sure you are logged into you Uplay/Facebook Account. Under Platform and Title, select “Facebook/Web Games” and in the same dropdown you will see “House” and then select your category.

    HouseMD Team
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