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    Oh, I get it... you're talking about just connecting guitar into iphone/ipad with better sound than you get with iRig - Rocksmith per se doesn't figure in it. I thought the discussion was about recording RS play on Amplitube. I actually went so far as to get a cable plug splitter (no idea what the proper name is) so that I could record my RS play on Amplitube simultaneously with and without the full song as accompaniment (once on phone and once on ipad). The unaccompanied results were deeply sobering.

    For recording I use a cheap $30 samson? Mic......i split my guitar to he amp and ps3, Put the mic in front of my amp, record with th iPad.
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    I didn't much like the iRig, either, so I bought the Ampkit cable. I've also got Ampkit and Garage Band waiting to try out, but RS has been taking all my guitar time.
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