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    People might not want to hear or read, "Buy and Xbox instead", but it's the truth... particularly when the poster has already admitted to buying another console to try to sort this out... you would've been far better off sticking with your original PS3 and buying an xbox... You would have both... Now, from a certain point of view, you have neither... So, yeah, it might not be something people want to hear, but if your intent on fixing the issue, then fix it... and to do that, you need an Xbox.
    That's not the right way to fix an issue like this. It would be a foolish thing for someone like me to do. Why? There's nothing else I'd use the xbox for. Instead of going to buy another system, invest in a hard drive, buy another copy of the game, re-buy dlc, it's easier to make Ubi aware of any and all issues that we run across on the PS3 version of the game and hope they will take the time to fix it like most companies do.

    Now the other example, if someone is planning to buy an xbox anyway, then sure that makes more sense.

    As for the freezes, yes...very annoying. It still hasn't made me wanna quit playing, but I am worried about the damage(if any) that the hard resets might be doing to my PS3.

    My view on this...make whatever issues that appear known. Better chance of it getting fixed.
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    I agree there is more to it than just buying an Xbox. The DLC to replace would be as much or more that the game. Of course it looks like we will all be in that boat with the PC version soon anyway. So 3X's DLC/Bass?

    Sorry for almost derailing the thread and thanks to you sickos and your sense of humor. I (k)need a ton o levity in my life! I think the time/space continuum is long as we don't cross the streams!

    Kinch, Meta-sarcasm it was! The acidic Gods be banned to where the river is stopped to form a lake!
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    Trying to play an event and Killer Queen keeps killing my PS3, not sure if it's its the dynamite or laser beam, but it hasn't frozen this reliably since Good Enough before the patch.
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