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    Attention mature acting individuals with a mic........... Are you frustrated?

    How many of you have thought to yourselves, "hey I have an extra hour to kill, I think I'll play some GRFS". Then you get into a lobby with either a bunch of blue dots that are just (weeeeee) running around playing with themselves. Or you have some Jack-wagon whining into his mic, "man you guys are trash" or making some awful noise. Or the COMBINATION of both... YIKES. Forget all of that, play with hundreds of Squad Mates that all know what they're doing (or are at least trying their hardest), and all talk the same language. By joining Tactical Gaming [TG] you get the chance to play with some of thousands of ACTIVE members that have all been taught the same communication language, the same map callouts so there isn't any confusion. And we've been around since 2004 so there's no doubt we'll be around for a long time. Check out www.tacticalgaming.net. Yes there's a "Boot Camp" Test, but it can be taken and passed in under ten minutes, you just have to read a little and it's even open book. This just helps weed out the "Active" members from non-active members and shows a little dedication. We are a clan of "Like Minded Gamers" who act mature and have mics. If you like what you see register and put me, Twisted, down as a referral. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Here are a couple of important links:
    Head Quarters: http://www.TacticalGaming.net
    About us:
    Why join us:

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    the only thing is im only looking to join a squad not join a clan. im already in a clan but wanna join for this game only. me and some friends are looking for a squad to join on GRFS only. if thats ok let me know thanks
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    Sorry, one of our rules is that if you belong to our clan you must be dedicated to us and your squad. Your squad mates depend on you being there as much as possible. This is why we have over 2000 ACTIVE members and have been around since 2004. Camaraderie and dedication to your TG brothers and sisters are a BIG part of it.
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