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    can't connect to uplay servers

    hi, i can't connect to uplay srvers for 4 hours. but yesterday it was ok . what can it be ? i'm sad
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    can't connect to uplay servers

    I'm trying to connect to Ubisoft servers since morning. (settlers 7)
    I wrote to support - answer will take 24-48 hours (they call this 24/7 support)
    They care only about money not about players. I'm finding their on line validation very annoying. If they servers are down you can not play game which you bought. This is my second and last game which I bought from Ubisoft.
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    In Empire game i wait 1 hour and dont connected other people.
    In other games i wait 1 minute and play (example starcraft2).
    Admins maby you repear that bag or free your programmers
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    Ok so how am I supposed to redeem Uplay points on Xbox theme when not even once I have been able to connect to Iplay via the in game menu of Farcry3! This is the only way to claim this and it has failed to connect every time. Not to mention laggy/ glitchy multiplayer which is unplayable, I cannot even perform the simplest function of any modern game. If you can't handle the extra functions of a seperate web based vehicle for your players to interact with, don't release it until it works!
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    Hi RippenHarra, this is the Settlers forums.

    Please have a read here http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...ail/a_id/17578 if you still cannot connect then please open a ticket with Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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    Why can't i connect to uplays server?
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