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    SC Conviction wont accept my Username and password.

    I Have had this game for ages but after installing it just now it says I need to go online once before I can play the game but it wont accept my username and password. I have lots of games that are working fine and accept the username and password, its just this game I have done all the updates and Ubisoft works because I can login to post this message using the exact same details. Whats going on? Is the site down or something? Who do I need to contact to get this going? I had a dream lats night about stealth army type killing and Im real psyched right now for some splinter cell I need this!!! Oh yeah its GO TIME!!! But first I need to fugure out how to sign in so I can play. I checked the settings Im online and there is no proxy and im not in offline mode I just dont get it.
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    Ok I managed to get it fixed and here is how! you need to go to control panel and uninstall the Ubisoft game launcher after you uninstall it in the ad remove programs section you need to download this its the game launcher software (the new kind) and install this and then when you click on the game to open it you will see a small update happen and then BAM!!! the game will ask for your login details enter them and wooooosh it will all work fine. Oh and you're welcome!!!!
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