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    Breeding Badges Problem ...

    Ok, I just breed one of my other horses to see if the problem was still occurring and it is. He lost both of his badges after breeding a colt. Those badges are suppose to be permanent right? I quoted the original problem just so that you could remember what I was talking about and get my facebook address and all that stuff. Please, I do understand that this might take awhile to fix but if I can't breed my horses then there really isn't much that I can do once they retire.

    Ok I was playing my game this evening and all three of my retired horses had the various breeding badges that they had accumulated by training, ranging from 7 for Dusty (that is the retired quarter horse) to somewhere between 7 to 8 for the appaloosa and I think somewhere between 11 and 14 for the stardardbred. I can't remember exactly how many. Anyway I sent one of them to the paddock to breed and when he came out it still showed that he had the 8 or 9 that he had trained for. However, an hour or so later when I tried to send him back in (this was at 2:54 am) it now reads that he had 0 breeding badges ... like he had never been trained for anything and yet he has gotten to at least level 2 on everything there. I checked my appaloosa and he too is showing 0 breeding badges. I checked on the quarter horse, Dusty and it showed 7 badges so I went ahead and breed him instead though I wanted to breed the standardbred one. Anyway the foal was breed just like it was suppose to do, but now Dusty is showing 0 badges just like the other two retired horses.

    My facebook address is: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.compton.16

    I'm afraid I don't know how to do screenshots or anything.

    All the other bugs that I have complained about are no longer important compared to this one. This makes all three of my retired horses kind of useless to me since I was keeping them around because I had trained them to breed with. The horses that aren't retired seem to have retained their badges, it is just the retired three that is effected.

    Please fix this. I am going to stop playing the game now at least until tomorrow when I relog on ... please please at least look into this. This is a really big problem.

    Thank You,
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    Thanks for quoting the original post. We'll be sure to look into the issue for you.
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    I've had this problem, too. I just bred a horse with 10 breeding badges, used 8, and when I tried to breed her again, it said I had no badges. Why did this happen? They weren't used, so why did they disappear? Along the same lines, I really don't see why a horse loses its badges as this makes it really only possible to breed a horse once.
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    I have the same problem now. After I had to buy new horses because all my old ones just disappeared, now they're losing breeding badges when I breed a foal with them.

    Is there an answer to the breeding badge question?
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