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    stats and points

    i have a good k/d ratio but i care more about a W/L ratio why dont it exist, i hate these **** players who keep leaving games bcos they go negative, you should get punished in some way for quitting a game and also i think you should get some point reward for the jammer this is a great bit of equipment when defending but ppl are not using it bcos you get no points
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    Make a ratio dependent on if you play with a buddy should not be the value of the individual, otherwise it already exists in your squad win loss,

    Kills per minute, assists per minute, kills per game, points per game would be more,of a show of the individual
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    it would make a few more people think about actually going for an objective
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    I regularly post top scores on the teams I play with, but hardly ever win a match because the rest of the team is crap. So is W/L ratio or K/D ratio really an indication of my skill at all?
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    for the vast majority of the players in this game stats are as follows:

    KDR- % of time played rifleman
    SPM- % of time played engineer
    W/L- % of time played with stacked team
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    The Socom formula for rank actually was much better than any other next gen game.

    You could have the highest k/d ever but if you didnt win your matches, you wouldnt rank up very much. Kept people focused on winning.

    Of course, people found ways to boost and cheat their rank, but that happens in every game ever.
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