alright, since friday i haven't been able to connect to ANYONE. My NAT type is 2, i have all the proper ports open as well as my DMZ enabled. My PS3 IP will change every now and then, but as long as i change the settings in my router, it used to work. Any ideas? this is getting aggravating, not having friends online to play with is one thing, but not being able to play with them is another.

And another thing... Since i have made this post, i have not been able to join ONE game. I'll find a lobby, it will load, then get to "waiting for other players", then it will say connection to server lost. WTF? I have not complained about ONE thing is this game, but now i am literally being prevented from playing it! This is the biggest crock of ****. Should i email Tech Support, and, POSSIBLY get an answer in 24-48 hours (lol)? Is anyone else having this problem?