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    game credits lost!!@!

    How do I report this! I only saw the help menu for, "if you bought credits and didn't receive them" to click on, but mine had already been purchased, some spent, had 18 left for several days then the 18 I had just was suddenly gone!! No I didn't spend them, was saving them to buy some more splicers!! Won't be buying any more unless the game, in good faith, returns the ones I still had that were paid for!
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    I think this might be the only place to report things for now. They do check here and respond I would post your fb link since it suggests to do so in the how to report thread. Hope they fix it for you.
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    Thanks for the info. I hope this is the right link..
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    interesting, I seem to have 15 new sand dollars, not 18 that was lost, but 15. OH well, guess I have to write off the lose of 3 credits. Not going to buy anymore till i feel safe! Thank you for replacing most of it anyway.
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