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    Just saw 21 Jump Street, and it's hilarious! I love that it does not take itself seriously at all, and even makes fun of itself.
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    Was wondering about that movie. I haven't heard much about it. But I think I may like it. Idk, Channing Tatum in a comedy just throws me off for some reason ._.
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    Now that a lot of folks are familiar with Tom Hardys work...I recommend watching Bronson if you have not already. After watching this years ago...I knew he was in for an incredible career (also watch Warrior if you havn't either). Also...these are both on netflix instant stream

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    ^ Dude, I seriously picked up Bronson last week and have yet to watch it. I adore Tom Hardy and am excited to see the movie.
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    I recently saw Daydream Nation.. and omg.. great movie! It's one of those random indie films on Netflix that I sometimes stumble upon. I highly recommend it! It's available on stream as well.
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