i see alot of people talking abou the problems with the game, but i have yet to see any that really matter. Multiplayer is what gets everyone to play these type of games, sure the single player is cool, but if the multiplayer is bad, then noone will continue to play. i have 3 issues witht the MP on GRFS, 1. THE LAG: some games are so laggy you can not even play them, why must it host to the peoson with the worst connection in the room? 2. PARTY SYSTEM: i do not like the so called CALL OF DUTY PARTY SYSTEM, what happend to making a room and everyone joining that room, like GRAW2? but if that is what we have to go with, then why does this game SPLIT up the party when searching for a match? thats why we are in a PARTY, to play together, not to get split up. 3. THE MICS: how long does it take to fix the MICS on this game. when the game starts, you hear everyone, midway thru that game, you can hear one person, or you hear some of them and they cannot hear you. it is a MIC SYSTEM, even CALL OF DUTY is better and they are not good at all. i like this game and want to continue to play it, but we have had 0 updates to the game yet, and most of these problems should be easy to fix. is this going to be like GRAW2 where they only do updates and make the game better for the XBOX and say the heck with the PS3?