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    upgrade residence ?

    i just started playing settlers 7, playing the first campaign (i think): i''m trying to upgrade a residence so i can hire more soldiers (pikemane); i left clicked a residence, then left clicked the liffle house icon on the right, in the window: no upgrade ? is it too soon in my game to upgrade a residence ? in the window (that appears after i left-clicked the residence it says upgrade 0/2 ? thanks
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    If the upgrade icon on your house is grey, then you have not unlocked it. On the prestige tree, you must first unlock the constructor, and then residence upgrade (the second icon down in the middle row).

    The upgrading is not instant. It goes into the list with all your other construction and will get done when the constructor gets to it. You can see the list of construction tasks by opening the logistics menu. You can change the order of the tasks, pause them or delete them there. You can also see what materials and population are required when you mouse over a task.

    Sometimes your construction come to a halt because you have asked for something that you do not have the materials for. If you order a church and only have 8 stones, items after the church which require fewer stones will not get built.

    The logistics menu also shows the tasks for the Army, the Church and the Export Office.

    I hope this was helpful.
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    thanks for the help, i tried to send you a private message, i don't know if it got through; muddy123abc
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