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    40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken

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    Interesting stuff.

    I wonder about photo #21 though. It purportedly shows Himmler looking at POW Horace Greasely, but he is wearing a Russian forage cap (sic?), and all the other prisoners around him appear to be Russian, or at least eastern European. I always thought the Germans held their British 'guests' in slightly higher regard than their eastern front counterparts.

    That said, I did read a little about him, a remarkable story.
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    "40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken" maybe in the view of the person who chose them, but there are many other pictures that can be viewed as "most powerful photographs ever taken"

    I have to think of this picture as one that certainly would belong in that list.

    or this one:
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    A gratifyingly large number of man/dog related images in there LF. There are so many images of great power that you could easily replace each of those with another and they would all be equally worthy. Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for sharing. The man Dog one's get to me a bit.
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