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    New Map: Former Friends

    Hey guys, I finally managed to finish a map I was working on and right now I'm looking for some feedback. It is the map Former Friends from HOMMV with a serious facelift (the map was so flat and dull, fun, but not exciting to explore at all). I should note that this is my first map submission to anything ever, so I am relatively inexperienced in things. PLEASE don't let that turn you off, and head on over to to try it out. Right now I'm hoping to tweak it best I can, so I'm looking for a couple of things.

    1. First of all, I think that if I have erred it is on the side of too much detail. Please let me know what you think of the graphics. One of my favorite things about the old heroes games was the exploration theme to them. I try to capture that here. I believe that I take advantage of the editor to make something that looks nice, though I am not quite on par with the official maps. I am hoping to continue making maps in the future (if there is enough response that I understand people will play them) so it would be good to know if people like what they see.

    On that note, let me know if you have trouble finding areas (for example, the underground entrances are NOT the dragon head cave thing. They look like caves. If this is too confusing, let me know.), seeing areas because something is blocking the view, etc.

    2. Balance is the other key thing. This is a multiplayer map, and though I have played it out to test it, I'm willing to bet that the balance is horribly off (particularly with the volcano-themed area. They have quite the trek to get to the middle area). So please share your thoughts on this; starting monsters too strong/weak, not enough challenge late game, player x has too much of a (dis)advantage, etc.

    Aside from feedback, the map is finished. Please give it a shot and let me know your thoughts. Once I have heard from a few people I will make the necessary changes and submit the final version.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Hey man, downloaded the map and put it in the scenarios folder but I can't seem to fire it up in game. Any idea what to do? Can still test it from the map editor though
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    That is very odd. The only thing I can really imagine would be version incompatibilities (v. 1.4), placement in the wrong folder (which you say is not the case), or perhaps that something changed between my computer and yours. And if you can load it in the editor I can't imagine it being any of those. Are you looking under custom maps? Can anyone else actually see it, or is something wrong with the file?

    Edit: I've heard from at least one guy who seemed to be able to play it. It's hard to say what's wrong without having a closer look at what's going on. The most I can think of is to just double check that everything is in the right place.
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    Don't worry. It's working now, not really sure what I did. Gonna try it out now
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    Downloaded. I look forward to playing soon.
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    This map wouldn't at all be based on the former allies map now would it? :P
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    The map I based it off of is called Former Friends (at least in the English release of HV). I started putting it together exactly the same until I realized that it would do the map editor an injustice to not spice it up HVI style. Hopefully you like it. If you play through and want to help me out, leave a sentence or two with your thoughts/critiques. Any feedback is helpful.
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    I enjoyed it, nice hearing diff music around the place, and interesting that the whole zone mechanic isn't in it so it has the more classic feel ;D
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    With every new Heroes game release I build the biggest map I can with two levels. I then put four players on the surface and four underground.

    I also make the game entirely out of snow and ice and call it "Jingle Bells." I like the winter feel and the momvement penalties make it important to invest in movement buffs.

    I also litter the game with non-player designated or "blank" castles with high troop protection so that you can battle and build without always having to go against the AI.

    I find it leads to a very anjoyable game.

    Unfortunately I have no time this year so if someone would like to build their version of this game for me so I can play it, that would be aesome++!

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    @allister5: Thanks for the info, I'll try to keep the zone thing in mind. I think I actually did include the zones (I personally like them) but I'll try to come up with a good map that doesn't use them, I'm also hoping to disable town conversion somehow. It seems to me that it takes much more strategy to mix and match units together to get a good army going.

    @AmericanHappy: You had me until you said Jingle Bells, and then I just laughed. I'll see what I can do, though the perfectionist in me means it will have to be a legit map. I can't just throw stuff around and leave it half finished.
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