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    I'm to a point of giving up. I'm at level 17, each level your game DR. House ask for $500.00 and more pills. I know each level will ask for more money, but really, how in the heck you can start saving money if your keep on asking each level for more money? It dont make sense! I am barely making money! Plus the energy level goes to fast so that limits me to make the money to. To me, this game Dr. House is not a fair game, and not recommended to play until the admins fix the game!
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    play some bloodwork that will give u most money ever needed also when its ur 5th day on login and u get 2x budged use that in ur advance to play bloodwork and MRI to gain alot money then u buy meds or upgrade meds so that patients need less meds per threatment. im at lvl 42 atm no real money spend on this game atall and i think its really good energy regain time
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    Great suggestion, Proxima1985, and thanks for your comments.

    House MD Team
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