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    R6/BF3 Multiplayer

    It seems the multiplayer in Vegas2 has least in my region and it kinda saddens me. If there are any people that would like to play multiplayer with me and if you are in Europe then please let me know. We could use Hamachi, Tunngle, Teamspeak, Skype or whatever...MSN even.
    Or if you are into Battlefield 3(cause thats what i play when im bored of V2 or when there is no mp matches) then seek me out either in Origin or in Battlelog. My username is Metsakurat and im looking for someone to play the Co-op missions with me.
    And if you will please check out my latest BF3 video:

    You can watch it in 720p or 1080p HD and thank you! But i really do hope that i find some people to play Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in multiplayer.
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    i will hit me up shotyme5578
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