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    Originally Posted by RickChakraborty Go to original post
    hello pc gamers.lets face a fact that this game is not coming out for pc ever.why do i think so?here comes the list;

    1.the game was supposed to release on summer delayed to spring 2010.REASON unknown.
    2.spring 2010 release got delayed to first fiscal 2011.thats march-april 2011.REASON unknown.
    3.again got delayed to 2nd fiscal(june,2011).REASON unknown.
    4.the june 2011 got delayed to march 2012.REASON again unknown.
    5.march release got again delayed to may 2012.
    6.finally the game sees the whoah;only for the console.why?they din't explain.but unofficial source says the pc version is NOT AT ALL PLAYABLE.this is the reason why we dint see a single pc gameplay footage. we got another delay just a week before the pc release date.REASON improved XP support.

    so lets face it;the continuous delay n NO PC GAME FOOTAGE is pointing us at something they will either release the pc version with all the flaws present.or they will keep this delay games let me ask u guys a simple many of u r still stuck at XP?i am creating a poll.the answer will automatically make u clear that thr is no problem in the xp version only.coz now hardly anyone plays on an XP pc.they r trying to cover up the panic;coz the main issue is the total pc version.not only XP.this XP card will keep the PC gamers' hopes alive that the game will that way they will b able to stop gamers from spending grfs budget on max payne 3 n close quarters or bf3 premium.n buy some times for themselves.

    so gamers;dont wait for this.coz its a lost hope.

    answer the poll honestly.u will get to see that the XP logic is a lame time buying tactics.

    Obviously there's a lot to disappoint PC Ghost Recon Fans with this game, like the fact that it moves so far outside of the genre and 'franchise' design canon, that calling GR:FS 'Ghost Recon' is like calling a Lockheed F-111 an 'economy car'...

    But do you realize what an irrational, histrionic, troll post this is? You clearly have considerable difficulty reconciling and even understanding the meaning of words like 'fact ' and 'reason '. Your poll is the silliest illustration of how far you've gone off the hinges here as it's obviously only going to measure registered forum members which will account for less than 1/10,000 of 1% of the audience that will buy this game even if it's a poor sales performer and a smaller fraction of that who bother to read your illiterate English, and that then bother to vote...

    I'm not saying GR:FS PC is going to be a good game, or that it's on schedule -- but get a clue; false advertising on the scale you're proposing is an open door to legal redress on a scale no Publisher would even dream of risking...

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    Very good points raised by the OP. I read this and cancelled my pre-order. Only one person but hey there are alot more that do it and don't post about it.

    UBISOFT: Your one chance for redemption to get the sales back is to make sure it gets a **** good port to the PC. We have all got the hint now not to trust you and we are going to wait and see before we buy and let you slowly build that trust back up.
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