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    Jammer XP

    From playing it feels like the jammer could use a little something in the way of an XP incentive/reward for its use.

    It is a very good tool, however I don't feel its usefullness is SO great it means an XP reward would make it 'op'. I don't think it should have a large amount of XP, but just something, a little pat on the back for its users.

    My suggestion is some sort of 'over time' xp gain dependent on how many team mates it is effecting. Say every 4 or 5 seconds* you get 10 XP per teammate within its range (not including yourself, and does not stack with additional jammers).
    So just you and 1 guy camped down? 10 xp keeps popping up every few seconds. There are a bunch of you holding a room down? you are getting 40 or up to 50 xp per tick. This would also entice people to use them more selflessly, looking for groupngs of teammates and using it nearer to them.

    Thoughts/opinions? Any devs frequent these forums and have and opinion on this?

    * Or less, or more time, whatever the devs feel would be most balanced.
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    Thanks for the reply, but I don't like the options given there. The jammer isn't necessarily about kills, it is more of a defensive/support item, and think the suggestion I put forward to be much more fitting for the item itself.

    EDIT - Also, that thread is a poll with 3 very distinct options, where as this is a bit of a more open discussion.
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    If I understand your idea right, it would be easy to just sit in the back and farm xp by sitting in a jammer doing nothing else.

    I think it should provide something like 'intel denial' xp, where every time a team member kills someone while under the protection of the jammer when they otherwise would have been detected by something like a sensor or a data hack etc, the person who placed the jammer gets a decent amount of xp.

    So if your teammate gets data hacked and your team is detected, if they're protected in the jammers radius and get a kill, you get xp for it. Same for any kind of detection; OTR scanner, camera, intel sensor, sensor grenade..
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    Well, you couldn't 'sit back' and farm xp as you would need to get in the action in order to put the jammer in a usefull spot. And I think the numbers I am talking would not make it that desirable to just sit there and not try to get more xp via the other, traditional, methods.

    EDIT - And the numbers I gave were just ballpark figures in order to give an example. It would be up to the devs to give what they thought would be ample reward.
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    when people killed within the jammer, i kept getting a intel assist 400xp....i don't think it was the sensor grenades cause i continued to get the points even after there was no intel....it was very weird. ill have to test it out.
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    Can't say I have noticed that.
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