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    Originally Posted by MSV-Gearhead Go to original post
    Split-screen is for both MP and Coop.

    That's great news, Gearhead. One more question: will we be able to drive around split screen on our user-generated MP maps? In a jeep, say.

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    Originally Posted by FALLEN CHAMP Go to original post
    I would hope it is all versions - as far as they told us it is PC/PS3/360 - Split Screen for COOP Mode and Multiplayer with Ubisoft or User Made Maps.
    No mention of it not been on PC so I would guess yes it is the same for PC.
    There is no mention of there not being any split screen in any of the cross platform games. World at War, MW2 and MW3 that come to my mind do have split screen on console. But PC version doesn't mention it not being there at all. The same goes to any other title, that has split screen on console, but lacks of it on PC version. Split screen is almost exclusive to consoles these days and they never really mention "PC version has no split screen".

    Anyway, i wonder if its possible to hook up 2 keyboards and mouses on same PC and play split screen that way? I mean you can add multiple monitors to same PC as well, so you could split the signal there too. Even have a sound go trough multiple channels? The idea of one using KM and other having to rely on some ******* Xbox controller just sucks, there has the be another way around this. Or it aint much worth!
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    It will be good if we all had confirmation from Gearhead or developers from Massive about the availability of split-screen for multiplayer and co-op for the pc version.

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    orchunter88 I was not aware that games that have split screen on console don't have it on PC - My rig just has on board graphics and I have never upgraded it for games.
    If this is the case then sorry if I mislead anyone, I can't see a reason why you couldn't use 2 mice and 2 wireless keyboards on one monitor in split screen but maybe there is no market for this - I only hear / see the same as you guys so I could easily be wrong but still I hope you guys get it on PC platform.
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    There was an interview some time ago, when they said that split screen is for all platforms, including PC.
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