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    anyone have answers?

    i have a few legit questions that i would like answered respectfully , hopefully.

    1. why can't i play with friends anymore? they have content that i do not. we all have signature editions and all downloaded the rooftop map. this is a major issue for a team game. not being able to connect to friends is pure frustration. randoms are ok to play with 15% of the time.

    2. i just got deranked again. i know there working on a fix. but my scout was level 45 almost 46 and now im 37 . its horrible feeling and double xp hinders this because games are so laggy and never finish. why does this happen? and it fixed itself once but it hasn't this time yet.

    3. small complaint infinite noob toobs like modern warfare 2. the ammo box shouldn't replenish grenade launchers.

    thank you for your time.
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    I thought your ammo box disappears if you use it yourself more then xxx amount of times. As for team mates dropping an ammo box I've only seen it happen once.

    I've not deranked yet thank god.

    Seems like a common problem with not being able to join friends.
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    The game is a DUD! Ghost Recon was my favorite game series of all time until now. Its not even worth $65.
    The game shouldnt even be called Ghost Recon because its not. If you compare GRFS to Ghost Recon 2, you will see that Ghost Recon 2 is far better of a game than GRFS and its 5 years older.
    That doesnt make sense. You build off past games that made Ghost Recon what it is. Wheres Co-Op modes? Wheres the huge maps? Wheres the freedom to roam and complete a mission?
    Wheres the toggle between ghosts? Wheres the A.I. in the enemy? Wheres the choice to pick how many ghosts I want for a mission or a Co-Op mode? I can go on and on and on...... GRFS has 1 mode for Co-Op. Ghost Recon 2 has 5 modes. GRFS has 6 maps for Guerilla mode while Ghost Recon 2 has over 40 for there Co-Op modes. Alot less cinematic BS and more game play! Why even have a campaign mode when you already predetermined the way I have to go and how its supposed to be done? Its the same as COD and Black Ops. Be unique and different. Last thing, If you take the online multiplayer mode out of the equation, what kind of game do you have? Its all about PLAYABILITY, whether your online or not. These game companies have figured it out that they can push a none completed game on consumers and still make money. $10 DLC after just 2 months out? Why would you make a game thats great to play and still enjoy playing 3 to 5 years from now? In there eyes, you wouldnt. Its all about smoke screening the consumers and alot of BS hype.
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    Ignore the blukrow idiot, he's been spamming that everywhere, I think he's mad because he sucks at the game. Anyway, if you get the error that your friends have content that you don't, a simple way to fix (and this has been reproduced several times to confirm it's not a fluke).

    Join random game and then quit, after that you should be able to get into your friend's lobby. Hope this helps you like it did for us.

    I also have not deranked yet.

    I agree that the launchers should not be replenished by ammo boxes, I'd be content if ONLY ammo was reloaded from boxes.
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