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    I cured 86 so far

    I really enjoy this game and love House .I have cured 86 patients so far,and this is only July 2
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    I will be entering

    I wish to be entered in the sweepstakes.

    I currently cured 53 patients in the last 2 days and I think 2-3 which were critical cases.
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    Im ind

    I have already done 58 patients from the clinic, and im playing every day.
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    me!! I'm joining!! Have done loads already
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    I want in the contest...as of July 4th, I'm level 16 with 398 cured patients.
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    I've hit the 25 counter aswell, so I'm in!
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    House MD Team
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    Please count me in!

    I'd love to win this contest so please include me. Thanks!
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    I'm in :D

    I'm in ))))
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    Ubi-Lhainiev's Avatar Moderator
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    Jul 2012
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    You all did great! Thanks for participating in the CUREATHON Sweepstakes!

    HouseMD Team
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