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    Predator mode!

    HEY! I was wondering if anyone else looking into Farcry 3 was hoping for a Predator mode. I think the game looks amazing so far but ever sinces Instincts Predator I was hoping they would bring that game mode back. If anyone agrees with me go ahead and comment and maybe we can convince Ubisoft to make a DLC after release or even implement it into the game. I read somewhere that they stopped putting it in because it doesnt fit the game style very well. It doesnt fit it very well but it adds a depth to the gameplay and with the wonderful map editor it adds hours of gameplay. I played Instincts Predator for hours on end just in mad editor making maps for it. I spend countless more hours playing online with anyone and everyone. So please help convince Ubisoft to add this to their fantastic game! =)
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    Hello! The question has already been answered a lot of times. Just check it out, before posting! I guess you can find easlily it. Sadly, it seems that this mode isn't going to be in the game. Welcome among us!
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