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    Achievements, why U not work?


    Been playing this game about a month and as a good little player I have been chasing achievements. The problem is: I have now over 20 achievements and the board is stuck at 16. Refreshing doesn't help. Logging off from FB doesn't help. When I look at the "Trophy"-link, House gets always higher and I'm stuck at 16/28.


    Dr. Stieren
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    Hello AntonEdStieren -- if you think there is a bug with the game, please submit a request using the information at the following link: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support .

    House MD Team
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    And what is the point of the achievements, anyway? I don't seem to gain anything from them.

    Would be nice if I could get more budget!
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    Achievements rewards

    Achievements are nice gaining trophies and all, but they should have various other rewards too... cash, meds, House points, favor points, etc. Achievements should be worth achieving! more than "just being nice".
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    They gain you nothing but a trophy.

    Although the "missions" gain you cash and goods.
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    Hi All,

    I will pass these suggestions on to the developers and thank you for the feedback!

    TIP for Mehteral - If you are running out of money, visit the helpdesk in the hospital and investigate previous episodes by completing item hunts. You should receive 10XP and $170 budget for doing these. (They will use 5 energy though)

    HouseMD Team
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