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    Has this issue been addressed?

    Hi - I just purchased the beauty salon and I see that it costs 20 saddle dollars to style the mane, and another 20 to style the tail. I just wanted to check to see if this is what the developers intend, or if there were plans to change the pricing? (I know we earn a saddle dollar for each level up, but 40 is a pretty high number to achieve without actually purchasing saddle dollars, so it looks like the beauty salon is intended to be a cash-per-use item.) I'm not complaining about the existence of such items, of course, I just wish it were more clear when you're buying the building that it is going to cost a (perhaps prohibitively-large) chunk of saddle dollars each time you use it.

    This thread is from back in June, so I was wondering what the developers' current plans are for the beauty salon. And if it's to be a cash-item, perhaps it should say so in the description so we don't accidentally spend 15k horse bucks on an item we can't use (either because we can't purchase SD at this time or because we can't afford to use it very often, at 40 per horse).

    Thanks for reading!
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    I got the beauty salon I was so happy to change the hair color but was so dissapointed when I saw it cost saddle dollars now it is just a decoration I worked so hard to get it just to be dissapointed . I wish it could be changed to horse bucks.
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    I hope it will be possible at any time. Whether I too can get this?
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