View Poll Results: Should ubisoft make a dedicated server solution for SCPT ?

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  • Yes, this would fix a lot of buggy problems

    133 77.33%
  • Yes, it would be nice, but I think it is fine now too.

    34 19.77%
  • No, it's fine like it is.

    5 2.91%

Thread: Should There Be A Dedicated Server For Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow?? | Forums

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    At least add some form of choice to your poll. How am I supposed to make clear that I can play perfectly online? Hit the hidden third option?
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    Actually Dedicated servers don't really help that much in Xbox at least. Since many people might leave or something. But its just 4 people. It would be different if like this was 16 or 10 people then dedicated servers. But its just 4 people.

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    Who said anything about xbox?

    Anyway it is pretty irritating about all the servers users make, and when they dont want to play anymore they close the server, and we have to find a new server to play on. Because not everyone are able to create their own servers. By setting up a dedicated server, people can join and leave as they want, and play as long as they want...
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    It would get rid of the people saying "Host Advantage"
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    Oh yeah! I am most deffinately PRO dedicated server. Even if some folks dont use them...whats the harm in releasing them for those of us who would like to host servers for it?

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    ofcourse!! We need DED servers. If i want to take a brake i have to shut down my server wich..well sucks.

    Ohh and yeah. Plz release a linux version too =)

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    I don't really care, since I don't make servers. But im sure it's a pain for people to stay on there servers all day. After a few matches, the hosts just leave.

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