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    when this game is working right...

    ... which was about 95% of the time earlier today, it is ridiculously cool

    seriously, every class is fun as hell. it definitely has balance and a vision which hits the fun mark on the head. i love how i never feel disadvantaged ever. in other games ive played really badass weapons have a kind of trade off that can make you feel limited. im not going to complain or bring up lesser games but for example using a machine gun doesn't make you unnecessarily slow or unable to run. its almost like other game's developers don't even care that you're supposedely playing as some elite special force guy he just suddenly becomes handicapped when he picks up a machine gun. then in this the snipers actually shoot straight from the hip without some cringeworthy barrel trajectory so im not left with some useless firearm and my own luck just because someone snuck up on me. then theres smgs and shotguns that are feasible to use without sticking to only the tightest corridors because you can still engage at medium distances. im definitely not taking for granted the lack of cheesy gameplay elements that unrealistically effects the way your gun works. headshots should kill, and in this they definitely do. hopefully this drunken rambling is half way coherent

    edit: thanks ubi bang up job on this piece of software

    if youre an optimist that doesn't pigeonhole themselves with repetitive tactics / style send me a friend request on xbox @ Extract Hz
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    Which game? You're in the general discussion forum...
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