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    Not worth it ..particularly for new pilots

    Short answer to getting this game is: NO, particularly if this is your first air combat flight sim. This game has put a huge hole in the combat flight sim world. Rather than being an updated version of the IL-2 series with a new graphics engine and better flight models (fixing the American plane deficiencies), the developers just went for "full real" for the sake of "full real" to appease one portion of the flight sim community. As a result of a poor product, severe hardware requirements and the niche focus of the game the good points of the game such as the new graphics engine is lost. You can go to Hyperlobby (a free program which allows people/squads to host games) and look at the number of COD severs/pilots versus those flying versions of the IL-2 1946 game. As a long time flyer starting with Janes WWII and all the IL-2 games, I just hope that some sane developer will put the full real into improved flight models and a graphic engine that doesn't require a 1st tier machine to run and avoid the overly complex and confusing engine and flight controls (with no detailed instructions) that COD has.

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    This game will mature with time into what you think it should be. There are options to turn off all the high level difficulty stuff if you want that. The high system demands are an inevitable result of high fidelity flight models, real time simulation is VERY demanding on system resources. Over time the advance of computer technology will catch up with the demands of this game and it will run better on systems that are not bleeding edge state of the art. Even as it stands now it runs at a playable level on my machine and it was not bleeding edge even when it was new 18 months ago. I'm only running a 1GB GTX460 on an i7 950 with 6GB RAM, all at stock clocks.
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