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    Man Ubi, even though I have doubts and big ones at that, I'm going to give you a chance. I'm not much of a risk taker so... I'll trust you guys on this one.

    And it's only my second post on the forums, yay!!
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    Originally Posted by Ubi_Antoine Go to original post
    Here we go:

    Jaw-Dropping; Tongue-Rolling; Eye-Popping


    now happy?...now cancelling pre order.
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    Changed my mind, cancelled pre-order. Sorry Ubi, the lack of information is just unacceptable.
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    Change my mind as well, just cancelled my pre-order. Another ported Xbox360 game.. I'll pass Ubisoft nice let down.
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    Do not really know what goes on at the head of ubisoft,,,
    The game costs $ 59, users pc that had delayed the release date, they want better graphics, a system of dedicated servers. (how many games pc did not die because of the matchmaking system)
    Multiplayer with 16 players? Artic Strike DLC for PC? Video gameplay of pc version? There will be support after launch, to give long life to the game as well as adding DLCs and Patches? So how did BF3?
    The Ubi really want to make a profit in the PC version? I did not like Ghost Recon Online a game to seem dated my hopes was this version, which seemed to have a solid and balanced multiplayer ...

    I would like my questions thoughtfully respondent
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    I feel that if the delay gives us a better game that it would be worth a reasonable wait; however I don't believe that it should take an entire month extra when the game's already made. I think that all those graphical improvements are great, but if it means that we have to wait that long for them, why doesn't Ubi just release the game as is when it comes out for console, then release a major patch when they're ready with the new content. That's what they did with Crysis 2 PC, that was an amazing strategy.

    Crysis 2 already looked great, though after Crysis 1 it would have been hard not to look great, but adding the DX11 patch, and the better textures pack made it look so much better when I went and played it again a couple months ago. Granted, Crysis 2 was a bit of a disappointment in that it was just a console port, and was so conceited that it didn't even have a graphical setting below high. I feel that adding this patch later would have allowed PC gamers to enjoy the launch hype, instead of acting depressed because they get to see people playing on YouTube videos, and yelling at the screen saying "AIM, YOU NEED TO AIM AT THE PERSON," as we watch console gamers try to figure out why their gun isn't working.

    There's something that's defined about a game when it launches, that says if you're going to be playing this five months later, or even five years later, and if one of the oldest customer bases is excluded from this that's likely going to affect how well it matures. Right now, PC gamers can watch all the footage they want, hell they could watch the entire story, and if that's all someone wanted out of the game, they could easily justify canceling their pre-order, since they got the experience without quite the frustration.

    I feel that, at the very least, there should have been some kind of a demo / beta, because, while there have been plenty of bug fixes from the console, there're going to be more on the PC platform, that's always been the case, and that would have been a great way to get those out in the open, so that they could be integrated into the full release, and have an overall smoother launch than the consoles, or honestly almost any other game.in a long while.

    To be completely honest, I feel that, after waiting for an entire month, we should receive something exclusive, seeing as no other platform had this. Even just a small free, or exclusive, dlc with one or two maps, or a couple extra guns it would be great. What's been outlined for the PC version thus far hasn't really been something that should have given us a forced delay for this long. The DX11 support is nice, but not everyone can utilize it, and it may even make it so that lower end systems just can't play period. The keyboard and mouse support? I honestly thought this was a joke at first, the only PC game that didn't come with this that I know of was Resident Evil 4, and even then you could hack it, though it never really worked. The in game type to chat? Even MW3 and Black Ops have that, and they're some of the worst ports I can think of.

    The lack of communication, is really uncalled for as a professional company, I love Ubisoft games, and have had very good customer service with them before, but this just seems badly thought out in general. At the very least it seems like they could have told us a reason for the delay, and if the reason is that they couldn't get the box of cookies they were going to ship with each game as a surprise, on time, I would find it hilarious, but I'd be much more content with that information.

    One last note and then I'll have finished my wall of text, I feel that this should be applied to the game industry in general. I feel like it would be better practice to program the game for the PC first, so that there's one version that they can then easily port to another system. This would be an advantage for testing, demos / betas, as well as possibly an early release. You just need to give the patch to steam, or whatever's handling the updates, and it will be downloaded whenever the player starts, whereas for consoles, you have to pass the patch through Microsoft's or Sony's testing, deal with console gamers complaining about patches, and so on. The PC gaming community is, in general, more mature, and would give better feedback, be more understanding of glitches and system incompatibility, and think little to nothing of a 50 megabyte patch. If a PC gamer has ever played an MMO for a good amount of time, he or she would really not care about a 50 megabyte patch once every 5 weeks or so.
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    Is it me or did they add a extra map and 2 sniper weapons to the delux edition cause when i ordered mine weeks ago there was only one map and 2 riffle guns you got with the deluxe and now that i look at it again i see a extra map and 2 sniper weapons i thought you only git when you pre order from best buy....
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    Originally Posted by NIGGJITSU Go to original post
    Is it me or did they add a extra map and 2 sniper weapons to the delux edition...
    No, the Deluxe has always been like that.
    It has pretty much every pre-order bonus, plus a few extra weapon camos on top.

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    oh okay i must have missed that thanks Nexo

    i have another question maybe you can answer, i have 80 uplay point , some i got from splinter cell ( xbox ) and some from other uplay things, will i be able to spend those points on GRFS/GRO ( pc ) like for the gorilla map? and do i have to wait for the pc game to come out b4 i get it?
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    Originally Posted by NIGGJITSU Go to original post
    oh okay i must have missed that thanks Nexo

    i have another question maybe you can answer, i have 80 uplay point , some i got from splinter cell ( xbox ) and some from other uplay things, will i be able to spend those points on GRFS/GRO ( pc ) like for the gorilla map? and do i have to wait for the pc game to come out b4 i get it?
    You have to own the GR: FS game and You have to link it to Your UPlay account in order to be able to unlock those things. And yeah, You can buy the Rooftops map with UPlay points, but don't confuse GR: FS and GRO.

    GRO AFAIK won't have anything to do with UPlay, it will have a Shop System which will allow You purchase almost everything (except XP boosts) by RP and everything by Ghost Coins.

    Hope that helped.

    Best wishes,
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