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    Should Blitz deal damage?

    I find it rather silly that swinging the **** of a gun deals more damage than a giant shield bashing a person's face.
    Sure the regular melee doesn't knock people over, but I really think that Blitz should deal some amount of damage.

    I was thinking that Blitz hits should deal an unmitigated 30 or 35 damage. This will also make Blitz incredibly useful versus injured opponents.
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    LiquidX74's Avatar Member
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    I would like to see it deal some damage, though I think 30-35 might be too much (that is 30-35% of a lvl1's health). I would much rather see it adjusted to do 10-20ish damage and allow the blitz user to navigate ledges and windows/railings the same way as every other special ability - and have it apply the side effect of canceling active abilities of those who are hit.

    To me, it is incredibly annoying to blitz a cloaked recon (and not be able to find the body), or blitz a spec with bubble up and have to stop to kill him simply because he is still invulnerable to the rest of your team, or even worse, blitz towards someone and just as you're about to hit them, they hop up on a ledge/out a window and avoid you completely. How stupid do you look then.

    Also, the recent changes to the blitz shield/weapons make it impractical to use since smg and lmg cut through it like butter - considering the danger that simply using blitz puts the assault in, I think it does not provide anywhere near enough protection.
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    I also believe that Blitz should give the assault a temporary amount of Toughness while the ability is active.
    I guess I should've added that in the thread, but that wouldn't fit with the poll.
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    The issue needs to be addressed with the passive Blitz ability to block shots entirely when not active. Either the deactivated shield should be smaller or only reduce damage done to the back rather than complete deflection.

    None of the other abilities have a passive ability, especially one that increases the already-high survivability of an Assault in cover.

    The regular melee also provides kinetic movement now. Meleeing someone who is on the stairs will punt them down the stairs, which IMO, makes no sense.
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    suprhero's Avatar Member
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    i hate to admit it cuss i hate that shield but Yes.
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    Cortexian's Avatar Volunteer Moderator
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    Yes, the Blitz shield should do some damage. 25 unmitigated points of damage should be more than enough. My biggest reason for wanting this is so that when you're running around and happen to randomly connect with a Cloaked Recon, it knocks him out of Cloak.

    I also agree with Compass, the passive ability for the Blitz shield to block bullets needs to be addressed. I think that having the shield add to the players rear-armor value would be more than enough extra protection.
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    Yes, count my vote in.
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    Sounds good, assaults could use some love
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    UbiChem's Avatar Senior Community Manager

    Chem El Zorro

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    I've long since wanted a 20dmg (subject to mitigation) hit on the shield. It just makes sense. You've got my support!
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    One other thing I am concerned about in regards to Blitz.

    A person can Blitz run while being hit by HEAT. That doesn't really make any sense, considering the legs are still exposed to the HEAT. IMO, if a player gets hit by HEAT mid-blitz, they should be reduced to walking speed. Still can bash, but being able to run faster than normal, even when normal suppressed players can't run, doesn't make too much sense. Players can and should be able to operate their power-ups through HEAT, but not fully benefit from it if it's an offensive ability if HEAT is to be considered a defensive suppression ability.
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