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    Splinter Cell should be harder

    I love all splinter cell games (yes even Conviction). But each game the difficulty has gotten easier and easier. You can still fell like a total bad *** but there has to be some type of a push for that. You can have great action and stealth is you just up the difficulty a little bit.
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    I totally agree with you.
    As I've said once or twice in the Blacklist forum, the old Splinter Cell games were loved because they weren't typical.
    They were the thinking man's action game, where each hostile had to be approached with some thought.
    Okay, granted...the market isn't too big on that, but where can us thinkers go now?
    We're plagued with mindless shoot 'em ups like the various Call of Battlefields out there, where you're basically put on rails and kill anything that moves.
    Splinter Cell was one of the only refuges we could reliably go to, and now we're losing that to the very same crowd that brought us the shoot 'em ups in the first place.
    Videogames were great because they had a sense of reward. Now I almost feel dirty for besting my enemies with the mere toss of a grenade, instead of actually thinking about how I'm going to handle the situation.
    That's why games like Demon's/Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma are so great, and hardcore mode on Fallout.
    Because that's the kind of challenge gamers like myself are looking for.
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