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    Looking for team to work with (PS3)

    Hello all, im just looking for a team to work together with. i heard this game takes alot of team work and i am a team player.

    i have a mic, speak English, and i am experienced in other shooters like Killzone and COD. i am new to the series of GR but i am a fast learner.

    my timezone is Eastern

    hit me up my PSN name is Vlesh-S89

    hopefully see ya soon.
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    Hey Vladaron...you can come check us out...we're Shadow Company, a multinational clan participating in structured online gaming since October of 2008. Our Community is dedicated to a "friends first" attitude but with the right balance of tactics and organization to ensure victory and to enhance any player's gaming experience.

    With hundreds of members across many of the best shooter titles out now we know you'll meet lots of other players, while at the same time developing a close relationship with your own Squad members. Our Ghost Recon unit is gearing up and ready to fight the good fight. We are now looking for mature players and no tryout is required. We have been doing this long enough to know that any player can become great with the right team. So come check us out at www.theschq.com and I think you will like what you see.
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    We want you - sNs ("Soldiers Never Sleep") is recruiting all types of recruits, sNs isn't about the stats, it's about the fun. If you play to have a good time and kick *** while doing it, we are the clan for you. sNs consists of team players only, rolling as a close-knit team on the battlefield and always playing the objective. We are big on Battlefield 3, as well as many other games, and are now branching out big style into Ghost Recon - Future Soldier, with many clan members (and more to follow soon) actively playing right now.

    No tryouts here, though potential recruits, if accepted, go through a 1-2 week probation period where we get to know you and decide whether you're a good fit for the clan. Rules for joining include being 18 and over, and having a sense of humor. You must also be able to communicate effectively in the English language.

    If you think sNs would be a good fit for you and your playstyle, apply to our platoon, and when ready visit http://snsclan.enjin.com/home to become a recruit.

    Thank you and good luck!

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