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    yea i cant figure out how to get the e3 gifts for logging into rev
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    So we are now on June 8th, past the June 7th deadline for the rewards, and the outfits are still locked for me. As such, if they are not unlocked now, they likely never will be, even though I played (extensively) every day on June 4, 5, 6 and 7, AND I made sure to log in to Uplay via the game every day, just in case. If this wasn't enough to earn the promised E3 rewards, I don't know what is.
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    For the record, the instructions to get the free gifts are: "Play AC Revelations between June 4th and June 7th and get all extra content for free with Uplay!"

    That's it.

    I definitely played between those dates, logged into Uplay every day (often multiple times a day) via the game just in case that was also needed (even though that wasn't stated), and no rewards. If there was something else we needed to do, Ubisoft needed to make that clear. While I am happy that Ubisoft made these items free (as they didn't have to), and thus find it hard to justify a complaint, the fact that they promised the gifts and then didn't provide them is just bad customer relations.
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    On a side note, I unlocked the Armor of Brutus through the Walmart promotion code on my PS3 before E3. Today (June 9, 2012), I've checked the outfits and the Armor of Brutus is still locked. I expect at the very least to give me back something that was already mine.

    Please and Thanks
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    E3 Gifts

    I dont now why but i play ACR during the E3 but i can get my Gifts. I tried diferents ways but nothing happen please tell me Why i dindt get it or who i cant get my Gifts
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    Originally Posted by Korchaa Go to original post
    To get the Armor of Brutus, you need to collect the 6 keys from the Followers Lairs, located around Rome.
    Yea... This is about Assassin's Creed: Revelations, not Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
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    *sigh* What a pain... I spent all week trying to activate my uplay passport but I couldn't connect to the server. I kept getting a message that says the server is unavailable and I should try again later. I tried connecting at different times during June 4-7 but no luck. I FINALLY get connected this morning and activate my uplay passport but I missed out on the AC:R freebies.

    Dang server... this is not fair.
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    Yo tambien tenia todos los atunedos que regalo ubi ,la armadura de bruto asessino turco, altair joven y multijugador tengo los personajes .pero cuando entre al dia siguiente mire mis atuendos y habian desaparecidos ,solo tenia el de desmond y alatair anciano que paso que arregle ese error ubi me los regalo y despues me kitaron desaparecio estoy como loco ayudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seÑores administradores ,todos los usuarios tienen problemas por los atuendos .
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    Cuando vi en atuendos los que regalo ubisoft estaban y me puse el del asesino turco y jugue bien el dia 6 de junio cuando entre al dia siguiente los trajes estaban bloqueados ,que ubysoft arregle ese error
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