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    Lost game save

    I had to start again because I started a new game and when i continued it continued at the very beginning I have no way of going back cause there are no save slots just continue. I tried running system restore (this puts your computer to a previous state) but this somehow didn't work. btw i was playing offline so my saves are'nt on ubi. if u looked in documents (where saves usuly go) and driver sf program and cant find them . It came to me while typing this type tour ubi esername eg phenix440 in search on my computer to find your game saves and right click the folder and restore previous versions to before you accsedently starded a new game, if this doent work try agAIn with a older version. FIGJAM
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    Hello phenix440

    When you select a new game it will clear the old save out and start a new game. Unfortunately there is not a way to recover that saved file.
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